Engagement Ring Styles

Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire is the most common style of engagement ring. Traditionally this is a single stone engagement ring but there are many variations on this theme.  I personally like to add a little extra sparkle going down the sides of the ring. This helps to add interest to the whole design. Below is a classic engagement ring with a few diamonds running down the sides of the ring. 


Halo Engagement Ring

This design has one centre diamond surrounded on the ouside edge by smaller diamonds creating a 'halo'. This style of ring is becoming more and more popular, with many celebrities opting for it.

It's a great option showing an intricate but still simplistic way of working.  I personally find that the halo design helps draw the eye to the centre of the main diamond.  Below are a few examples of halo engagement rings with different shaped centre diamonds.


Trilogy Engagement Ring

This is where three diamonds are all set in a row often using a larger centre diamond with two slightly smaller diamonds on either side. This style of ring is also commonly created using a gemstone as the centre stone. This is shown below with these sapphire and diamond trilogy engagement rings.


Above are the three most common styles of engagement ring but due to every piece of my jewellery being unique there is nothing stopping you breaking the mould with your design.

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