Design Week

This week was a design based week for me. Some of this was top secret engagement ring design that you will see in due course, but I can't say any more about that... 

Something I can talk about is a bespoke wedding band that I've created the initial designing for. 

The design process started by the client and I meeting for coffee. We discussed the kind of ring she liked and how it was important for her to have a one-off as her mother was lucky enough to have a custom wedding band as well. My client wanted her new ring to fit nicely with her engagement ring so I took some measurements to enable me to start designing. 

Below are a couple of the images I sent her. My new state of the art software allows me to send out high quality imagry before manufacturing. This allows my clients to have a really clear idea as to how their finished ring is going to look.

wedding ring bespoke design

The above image shows how the existing engagement ring and how the bespoke wedding band will fit together.

wedding ring custom design

The second image shows how the wedding band looks by itself and how the cut-away fits smoothly with the overall design. 

This will be created in 18ct white gold. As soon as the client okays the final designs this will be made with as much love as the ring symbolises.