Cufflink Fun

Recently I was asked to create a pair of ski inspired cufflinks for a 21st birthday present. 

To make the cufflinks as personal as possible I asked about his ski equipment and we decided to use the brand of his goggles to create a very individual design. 

By using the latest technology and my understanding of computer aided design we created a pair of Melon goggles. Under x10 magnification you could still see the brand name on the top of the lenses. 

Bespoke silver Cufflinks
Custom Silver cufflink

The above image is of the cufflinks during the polishing processes. They were then hallmarked and had my bespoke swivel backs added before being boxed up ready for collection.

My client was really pleased with the level of detail in the final product and how the initial designs had given her such a clear understanding of how the final cufflinks would look.