Signature Rings

After the Luxury Wedding Show I decided it would be valuable for customers to see more of my bespoke creations. Each of my items are swiftly passed on to the client so I only have a photo. 

I'm super excited to be bringing out 3 eternity rings - signature items designed by me, rather than bespoke pieces designed with a client. From my experience of working with people with different tastes and styles, I hope these appeal to many...

The first ring is a classic eternity ring - a glistening band of 37 round brilliant diamonds set in timeless claws.

bespoke eternity ring Hitchin

The second is a bezel set eternity ring with offset marquise diamonds. This design really excites me by the way the unusually cut diamonds naturally interact with each other.

marquise eternity ring, made in hertfordshire


The third is a inter-twined pave ring using diamonds to differentiate between the two inter-linked bands.

pave eternity ring hertfordshire


These items are contemporary but timeless and could be worn in any situation. The above images are renders but stay tuned to see how the final pieces progress!