Emily's Sapphire Engagement ring.

A few months ago a friend approached me asking for the perfect engagment ring for his childhood sweetheart.

He wanted to surprise her during their travels around South America and as I've been on holiday with them before, he thought it would be extra special that the ring was made by me.

He was keen for the ring to use colour in both the metal and the stones. We started the design process by looking at using a gold setting for the centre stone and platinum for the shank (the part of the ring that goes round the finger).  

After this intial brief I drew a few designs for him, working with different centre stones. A selection are shown below:


He really liked the soft lines of the centre oval with the two round diamonds either side. His favourite was a sapphire in the middle. This represents how their relationship has grown through their shared love for the ocean. 

As with all my designs, I wanted to incorporate as many elements as possible to make the ring completely unique to them. We decided to play around with side holes... We looked into incorporating an accorn into the side of the piece but this sadly looked to fussy.  He mentioned to me that they've been together 10 years so we decided to have five side holes on each side of the ring. This geometric pattern suited the simplicity of the ring and the side holes also allow more light into the back of the stones, increasing their brilliance.




Above is the final CAD design and below are two images the completed ring. I'm pleased to say that his now fiancé loved it!