Flower Inspired Engagement Ring

Over the last couple of weeks I've been working closely with a couple, designing a flower inspired engagement ring which needed to fit with the fiancé's active lifestyle.

We discussed the idea and I came up with a design using pear shaped diamonds for the 'petals' that surround a centre round brilliant diamond.  

Below (left) is the first render that we worked with. We altered this initial render to create a design that the couple was really happy with (below right).

I felt that using a cluster of six diamonds (as the 'petals') gave the ring a vintage feel whilst still being very contemporary in its look. The couple loved the detail and the way the pear diamonds worked with the centre stone.

However, there were some concerns that the petals of the flower would be 'too big' for the fiancé's active lifestyle, yet the design uses the smallest pear shaped diamonds available. Below is an alternative ring design that I drew which uses round diamonds as the flower petals, as an option for reducing the size of the flower. 


Never-the-less, the couple still asked me to make a prototype of the first ring (using the pear shaped diamonds) so that the fiancé could see how it would look and feel.

Using my state of the art prototyping technology, I created a resin version of the ring. This was perfectly to scale (in the fiancé's size) so that she could try it on and check the design for shape and size.

I'm pleased to say that she loved it and has asked me to proceed in making the design in platinum, with the pear shaped diamonds. A truly unique and special design.