Signiture Rings Part II

It's been a week since my last post about my new signature rings collection. It's now time for an update...

All three rings have been created using a combination on the latest 3D printing technology and the age old technique of investment casting.

This process involves pouring a plaster over 3D printed rings (below image), then placing these into a furnace to melt out the wax and 3D print resin. A hollow is then left behind which the caster pours molten metal (platinum, gold or silver) into. This is allowed to cool before the plaster is broken away from the now metal pieces.


This is no where near finished... They have big ugly feeds that are cleaned off using jeweller saw files and sand paper, before carefully working on each surface to remove any imperfections.

The pictures below are the rings on my bench being cleaned up and polished before going to my setter for the diamonds to be mounted. 


I'm aiming to have the rings finished for my next show at the Sheene Mill on the 24th April. Why not come along and see them? It would be great to meet you!