Elegance and simplicity

I was recently asked to create an elegant and simplistic diamond ring.

The client asked for a single stone but with diamonds down either side of the ring to represent the 4 years that the couple have been together. His original idea was to have two diamonds on either side but we decided upon four diamonds on each side to give a more balanced look to the ring.

Below is one of our first designs:

On this image he noticed a shadow line on the render which gave him a new idea... He thought it would be nice to add a groove into the ring, after the four diamonds, to represent the years moving forwards together.  I adjusted the design to incorporate this and he was happy to approve the ring . 

Singlediamond_ring adjustment.jpg

I was really happy with the outcome and I thought that we added a really unique feel to a very classic design. Below are a couple images of the finished ring.


This is what the client wrote in his testimonial...

"James designed an incredible engagement ring which my fiancé loves. I'm so pleased with the finished ring and the design is very bespoke and personal to us. My ideas were brought to life through consultation with James, making it a true one-off! Couldn't be better. Now we are planning our wedding bands with James."