Eternity Rings

"For those who love, time is eternal"

Eternity rings are a sign of eternal love and are traditionally given to mark an important milestone in a couples life, such as an important wedding anniversary or the birth of the couples first child.

When looking into an eternity ring, what is there to consider?

1) Which finger do you intend to wear the eternity ring on?

Traditionally an eternity ring is warn on the same finger as your engagement and wedding ring but this is not to say that you can't wear it on another finger.

2) Do you want the eternity ring to match another ring?

If so, James will happily design an eternity ring to match another ring. This will be made into a prototype by James first, so you can check that your rings sit well together.

3) Do you want gem stones all the way round the ring or half way?

Rings with gem stones all the way round are known as 'full eternity rings'; rings with gem stones half way round are know as 'half eternity rings'.

4) Can an eternity ring be resized?

Half eternity rings can be resized in the traditional manner where as full eternity rings are a little more tricky to resize. A full eternity ring can only be re-sized by taking out metal from the inside of the band or adding to the inside of the band (by doing this you can only adjust the size by a small amount). James will help you make sure you get the size right! 

5)  How long does it take to make a bespoke eternity ring?

When the design has been agreed and the deposit paid, creating an eternity ring typically takes 4 weeks.  

6) What precious stones are your favourites? 

The most common gem stones for eternity rings are diamonds although there is nothing to stop you choosing other gem stones to  sit alongside the diamonds or by themselves.

In addition, there are many different types of setting which can be used in an Eternity ring. James will go through these with you to make sure you get the setting which best suits you and your lifestyle. 

If you need any more help regarding eternity rings please feel free to contact James on:

Telephone: 07929 117708