Engagement - Proposal Design Package

As I outlined in an earlier blog, it's sometimes hard to know exactly what kind of engagement ring your partner is hoping for. Although there are ways of sneakily finding out what your other half might like, it may feel all a little scary to create a bespoke ring without her having any input as to design.

To get around this problem, I've released an engagement ring proposal package for just £60. I'll create two bespoke designs for you in a presentation book, along with having talked you through diamond choices, metal and given you an idea of how much each of your designs might cost. As part of the pack I will also create one of your designs in solid silver so you have a ring to propose with. 


This means you can pop the question with reassurance that your fiancé can have the ring she has always dreamed of, and she can be involved in the final design. After all she will be the one wearing her ring every day! 

If you would like to see a sample proposal book, please drop me an email at hi@jamesveale.com  

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