My Engagement Ring

A couple of weeks ago I probably had one of the most stressful/exciting dog walks of my life! Half way through the walk I asked Rosie to marry me... Luckily she said YES!

As you can imagine the engagement ring was very important to me. It had to be a great design, made with perfect execution. I knew Rosie wanted something different... Alongside this, I wanted to create a ring with a timeless look that Rosie would love forever. I also wanted to include was some pavé just because... I LOVE IT!

I came up with a swirl design that lifted up the centre stone, with subtle flowing lines either side. I've seen rings of a similar look before but the overall shape often has an oval appearance, due to the size and angle of the side diamonds going around the centre stone. I wanted to keep the overall look as round as possible so I angled the side diamonds out on a slant. After several CAD designs I was happy  and 3D printed a few mock-ups of the ring to check the dimensions and look in real life.


Once I had thoroughly checked the design, I was ready to cast the ring. I chose platinum as the metal as I wanted the ring to be really hard wearing.

Below are a few design and making shots:

As you can see there were several making steps - from the CAD design to the prototype, then onto the metal making stages. I constantly checked the design against the stone to check it was held perfectly.

The claws for the centre diamond were added last so they would not be in the setter's way when creating the pavé.  The setter created the pavé sections by hand as this would enable him to get the spacing just right and ensure a good polish underneath each stone, helping the diamonds look their best and reflect the light fully. This is the key advantage of hand setting over the more common cast in place (something I never do!).

I'm pleased to say Rosie loves the ring and is looking after it impeccably! Below are a few photos of the finished piece.