Fortune cookie engagement

Whilst creating James' engagement ring he told me his plan to sneak the finished engagement ring into a fortune cookie - giving his girlfriend a huge suprise on there four year anniversary. 

As soon as he told me about his plan I was intrigued to how he was going to open up the cookie to conceal the ring... 

Firstly, he carefully opened the packet to ensure no damage to the outer packaging so this could be resealed later. He then had to open up the cookie by wrapping it in damp kitchen roll and microwaving it to turn the cookie to dough again. He could then open it and swap the original contents for the ring (wrapped in foam to avoid any crumbs!).

Attempt No. 1 wasn't perfect - the kitchen roll stuck to the cookie. He then decided to try using a foam cloth and this worked perfectly (see picture below). He could then swap the contents and re-seal the package up.  It looked like a regular fortune cookie.

He had to make sure he didn't confuse the two cookies and open the engagement ring one by mistake. I'm pleased to say the plan was perfectly executed and after his now wife-to-be initially thinking the fortune cookie company were playing a rather horrible joke, James got down one one knee and asked the all important question!

Here are a few shots of the fortune cookie swap: